100 top booky tweeps – publishing, agents etc

February 24th, 2012

Today’s post features people with proper jobs. Mostly. Some even have offices and letterheading and…whatever a proper job in publishing has. They are agents, publishers, journalists etc in the world of publishing. They tweet their own opinions rather than any party line. They do really know what is going on, and alot of the time, they are making things happen.

The first step, of course, is to follow your own publisher, agent etc (may sound obvious, but easily overlooked). Then find out if any favourite publishers, agents or columnists are on Twitter and follow them. Some publishers just tweet about books they’re launching, but they also do giveaways and will mention writing awards, competitions and give you a general flavour of what they’re about. Jobs and internships also get tweeted.

And booky tweeps, however famous, almost always do their own tweeting – in other fields, such as sport or celebrity, ‘ghost tweeters’ may be employed, but in the world of books, most people love writing.

If you want to get published, it’s not Twitter etiquette to pitch online, but I have heard of several writers getting book deals because publishers or agents spotted them – and interacted with them – on Twitter. Eventually, (the word IS ‘eventually’) they asked to meet them. And you’ll also pick up chat about what does and doesn’t work. At its best, publishing Twitter is like being a fly on the wall of a publisher or an agent’s office. Even at worst you will still find out alot about chocolate biscuits.

So try my publishers: @Littlebrown @BtweenTheSheets, @HannahHargrave, @isobelakenhead, then onto @caroleagent, @missdaisyfrost, @publishingtalk, @alisonbav, @jonnygeller,@samatlounge,@nicolamorgan, @hprw, @danoosha, @guardianculture, @GuardianBooks, @thebookseller, @Soc_ofAuthors,@writersclub, @mybookishways,@itsabookthing. Follow your favourite bookshop – Waterstones’ branches all tweet individually, as do lots of independent bookshops (I follow @YLBookshop, @toppingsely and others)

Once again, I could mention another 80 more (and do check this week’s earlier posts for other great book-y tweeps to follow). You can also build a good ‘publishing professionals’ list by following the above, and clicking on who they follow.
Next week:A Sense of Place – how writers create it and how important is it.

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  1. E.Maree Says:

    February 24th, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Oooh, I was following many of these already but I found a few new people to follow. The tip about Waterstones branches is particularly useful, shame that my local branch hasn’t posted since September.

    I’m on Twitter too, I’m a YA fantasy writer and book reviewer @emaree :)

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