The Inheritance

The InheritancePublisher: Sphere
Format: Paperback
Available: NOW
ISBN: 9780751539059
RRP: £6.99

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About the Book:

There’s nothing like a death in the family to stir up old loves, rivalries and hatreds …

In a world of winners and losers; friends and lovers; horses and dogs, Bramble, Felicity and Helena are sisters – but three very different women.

Felicity, the eldest, a journalist most comfortable in a war zone, ran away from home after an argument with her father and has never healed the rift; Helena, in the middle, an actress concerned above all with creating the perfect appearance – but how long can she keep it up? And Bramble, who wants to be a champion just like her father, Olympic horseman Edward Beaumont.

Family secrets, long buried, are unearthed as the women battle their father’s enemies – and each other – to discover the real value of the Beaumont inheritance.

Praise for The Inheritance

‘Perfect for curling up by a roaring log fire on a winter’s day, The Inheritance is rich, warmly written and deeply satisfying. The Beaumont sisters are strong individuals but each one has their own Achilles heel which helps to drive the deftly crafted narrative as they struggle with a family crisis. Nina Bell is a real find. Mark my words, she will be on all the best-dressed bookshelves.’ – Veronica Henry

‘Heart-warming, beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable.’ – The Sun

‘This month we’re loving … The Inheritance, Nina Bell’s dramatic family saga starring the warring Beaumont sisters.’ In Style Magazine

‘A hugely enjoyable family tale which is just right for a winter’s night in front of the fire.’ Cambridge Style

‘An intriguing tale.’ Hot Stars

‘…the characters are well-rounded, the pace is brisk and the storyline conceals plenty of surprises.’ Irish Examiner

‘Nina Bell’s dramatic family saga is interwoven with a lovely sense of place and time….this is a book for anyone who relishes a good, satisfying read with plenty of drama and intrigue.’ Kent and Sussex Today

Quotes from Reading Groups:

“It was a real page-turner.”

“I loved the way everyone had a secret, and enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot.”

“All the way through I was looking for clues as to why Felicity left, and I enjoyed being fooled for a while.”

“I started it before breakfast, told the family to get their own supper and stayed up till the small hours to finish it by 10am the following morning.”

“Unexpected and satisfying”

“Tightly controlled plot.”

“Deeply satisfying – while leading up to the second death, I knew any one of three characters could die, and I was completely gripped to find out who.”

“Really unputdownable – I even carried on reading it while I was cleaning my teeth.”

“I used to be keen on horses when I was a child and enjoyed being plunged into that world again.”

“I’ve never been interested in horses, but it drew me in, which I didn’t expect. I found it fascinating to feel I was inside a world where I would normally be an outsider.”

“Now I’m thinking of finding an event near me and actually going to see what it’s like.”

“It’s the sort of book I’d normally take on holiday, but in fact I read it during a very busy week, and found that being able to sink into a completely different world is very relaxing.”

“There’s a very strong sense of locality.”